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In the spirit of Halloween, send us your writing and artwork of science scaries: experiences in science that have scared you, or ~spooky~ science content!

Submissions are due October 31st! Work can also be submitted here!

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The Color Pink

Nathan Chu

I dislike the color pink. People always ask me if it’s because it offends my masculinity or if I think it’s a weak color. Of course, the answer is always no. The color pink unnerves me.

It’s the telltale signs of inflammation, of swelling, and pain, and tenderness. Long nights spent sleeping in cramped positions to avoid putting pressure on my bruises or delicately holding my body to keep my jacket from scraping against my skin.

In pink, I see the pain that people often pass by. The beginnings of a bright purple bloom or a raw throat lie in pink. It’s rough and sore, and people never take it seriously because “it doesn’t look that bad.”

But looks are deceiving. I know pink hurts.

Petri Fish

The mutant fish
With twisted spine
Was born to live and breed and die
Under the microscope’s glass eye
Like schools of fish before it.

Its eggs all laid
Its time had come
To be disposed
Like well-chewed gum
But just in time
This mutant fish
Was saved by guilty scientist.

So now it swims 
In larger cage
From walmart,
All expenses paid.
A brand new life 
For mutant fish
Who swam so far
From the petri dish. 

Miriam Hyman

Scary Science Graphs

Kenyon students and parents illustrated scary science graphs inspired by the work of Jill Pelto.

This is Toluene

Boys and girls of every age
Come smell something strong and strange
It looks like water, clear and clean
This, our beaker of toluene

This is toluene, this is toluene
Lab coats stained in the dead of night!

This is toluene, everybody make a scene
Light it up - the professor will die of fright
It's our lab, everybody scream
We’ll use our toluene!

I am the solvent for paint black and red
Smell too much and you’ll fall down dead
I am the benzene that stuck out an arm
Just a whiff to get woozy, I’ll do no harm

This is toluene, this is toluene
Toluene! Toluene! Toluene! Toluene!

Miriam Hyman, Afomia Ayele, Rand Burnette

Blue Denim

Nathan Chu

I was with Tom when they cut down the tree. We were on our way to lunch, a pair of roommates trying to distract ourselves, either from our work or our problems. That’s just the way humans are, Tom especially. He likes saving things until he can’t ignore them anymore, and then he tears into them.

Outside hires, some company named Blue Denim Tree Service, had roped the top of the tree to a truck, and one man was taking a chainsaw to the base.

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Lyceum at the STEM Fair

This past Sunday, September 29, 2019, Lyceum participated in the STEM Fair. We had some biological specimens and a serotonin molecular model for people to sketch or write a poem about. Everyone produced beautiful work!

Emergency Climate Strike: The Art of Protest Signs

Photos By E. Dalton Powell
Published September 24, 2019

In solidarity with Greta Thunberg’s International Climate Strike, students at Kenyon College gathered outside of Rosse Hall to protest the lack of action being taken by political leaders across the globe.

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