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Science And…


Stinkbug Surrealism By Gillian Doty


Though the COVID-19 pandemic has wrought drastic change with high mortality rates and wide-scale shutdowns, it has also given rise to some unexpected benefits. With reduced global human activity, the pandemic has provided a unique set of conditions to study…


Doubles by Nathan Chu; Photograph by Ayman Wadud

Surely… this time. The Duplicator’s steam barrels into me, drilling into my pores. Deep within the vapor, a rectangular prism of lights shines, and slowly, I begin to make out the human shape inside. 

The steam dies down and I step forward. “Hello, number  43.” The clone blinks. Behind its eyes, I can see it processing all the memories inside of its brain, trying to integrate a lifetime in just a few seconds. I’ve seen it many times now, the rapid eye movements, the blinking, even the… 


One with the Universe
By Halle Preneta

I watch as the city rolls past us. 
The huge water tower that looms above just gliding by, 
gliding away from my view. 
When the plane lifts, I 
breathe in slowly with its 
Pushes and pulls I can feel 
deep within my chest 
like walking on a tightrope, 
always moving with the motions 
of gravity 
pushing and pulling me around.