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There is a historic disparity between men and women PhD scientists in math, statistics, physics and chemistry—also known as the “physical sciences”. In a 2017 report released by Elsevier, of all of the US physicists and astronomers who published articles, reviews or conference proceedings, only 21% of these scientists were women. Despite the […]


In the Walmart parking lot, Anna arranged the crystals in a circle and sat inside it. The crystals filtered the afternoon sun and projected dots of color on the asphalt—crimson, emerald, cerulean blue. This is how Your Crystals and You recommended she spend the total solar eclipse if she wanted to align her […]


I wish I could myelinate. Some big scientist messed with my grandpa’s grandpa’s genes And now my neurons don’t fire right. I was just swimming along with my siblings When some big scientist decided I was going to do drugs today. They’re trying to understand if my nerves can be fixed, But when did I […]