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Enmired by Miriam Hyman

The notebook was not in his backpack. After unzipping all the pockets, Solove turned it upside-down and dumped the contents onto the floor of his office. He placed each item back in one by one – a pair of mud-sodden socks, some sheets of sticker-labels, his binder of sample-collection methods, three different colors of Sharpie. The notebook was not underneath the mat of papers and legal pads on his desk. It was not hidden on his bookshelf, or under the overflow of textbooks stacked haphazardly on the seat of the armchair…


Black-Capped Chickadee
by Hailey Napier

 Chickadee is admirable
 among northern songbirds;
 she doesn’t migrate
 in winter,
 she freezes into
 stained glass.
 She is traced
 onto printer paper
 with crayons.
 She flies
 on scraps of leftover
 yarn, through bare haylofts,
 to harvest dried apple heads of
 wooden hanger dolls.
 Black-capped Chickadee’s rotting
 house is warm,
 so she welcomes
 dip-dyed bluets
 beside her own
 muddied snow rockcress.
 When spring
 changes phase,
 they melt
 into song.